Sunday, March 29, 2009

Early Morning Reflections

It is 4:47 am
I am sitting at the window seat of a coffee shop
I am eavesdropping on the conversations of the other lost souls
I know why I am here at 4:48 am
But I am wondering why they are here
What are their stories of loss and discovery?
Do they too have no place else to go?

It is 4:52 am and I am watching a bus drive by
It is full of people with some where to be
Or do they?
Perhaps like me they have no place to be
But they prefer motion
While I prefer to reflect in the stillness

It is 4:58 am
And I feel relieved
A few hours ago we finally ended it
Whatever it was
It had a long lingering death
Sitting here in the stillness
I realise that I was repeating patterns
It was not "her" that I want
It was the idea of "her"
But I don't need "her"
All I need is me

It is 5:23 am
And I am happy
I see my reflection in the window
It is 5:24 am
And my half smile is mine again
All mine

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sledding from the house

This is the extreme sledding starting position.
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Len as a racing gate

Len thought Allison should try to sled through his legs. He is either brave or stupid... no comment...
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More snow in the sled

I started this run up by the house. It ended a few feet from the highway. That was after I stopped laughing and got back on track. I am not going to make the luge team for 2010.
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The sled and me

This is me posing with the sled.
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One too many hats

Me wearing my hat and Len's. Apparently Len's hat slowed him down as he sledded.
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A series of photos

Allison and me
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Sledding in Cape Breton

Allison and Len arrived last night. They didn't know I was here in Blues Mills already. Allison called me a very bad name and hit me a few times. But I think she is happy that I made the trip. Today we went sledding down the driveways. Here are some photos.


Len and the sled


I'll post more photos in a little while. Dial up is taking too long...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Must be a long weekend

Okay it was a four day weekend for me. Oh the joys of working only four days a week. I finished sewing the main part of the backing of the quilt. I need to figure out how wide the border needs to be (since the backing is suppose to be longer and wider than the top). That can wait for another weekend. I still need to buy batting for the quilt. Perhaps that could be the top item on my gift wish list. Here are two photos of the backing. Of course Calle was helping me to position the fabric just right.

I was back at work today. This week is only a three day week. Life is good sometimes.

We will have some tomatoes soon.

I hope we get more than three tomatoes. We will have a lot of basil for pesto. We may need a new freezer.

I hope to have more photos of the quilt soon. I am going to try to save my money to buy some batting.

More later.


Friday, August 01, 2008

A post a month...

Okay I am a slacker when it comes to posting. I have also been slacking off on the new quilt. I have an idea of how to do the back, but I have not started it. That is my plan for tomorrow. Iron and cut the fabric. And on Sunday I will spend some time sewing.

The construction workers are still working outside our place. The massive machines are hard at work making noise. They start up at 7am. The construction workers also need to turn off the water since one of their projects is upgrading the water mains. On Wednesday night the water did not get turned on until after 9pm. I think the city should reimburse us for all the take out we have had to get the past month and a half. Today the water has not been turned off yet, but I am ready in case it does. I have several jugs of water in the kitchen and the bathroom sink is full of water. What this means is that the water will not get turned off today.

Calle is adjusting to life without Trotsky. We took her the vet on Tuesday. Trish thought that Calle might have ear mites. She was right. The vet said that her immune system is probably weakened since she is mourning Trosky. We knew Calle was having a difficult time understanding where Trotsky has gone. But hearing some one else talk about Calle grieving was hard. The vet suggesting giving Calle Star of Bethlehem to help her.

Here is one of the last photos of Trotsky.

I went outside this morning to take photos of some flowers. Calle managed to make it to the mudroom. Here she is taking a look around.

This is Eros.

And this is Gilded Coral.

I'll take some more photos of the new quilt this weekend.

More later.